Why Dubai is So Much More Than Just a Quick Stop Over City

For many, Dubai is a stop over from one destination to the next, a place that you normally see from inside the glass walls of the airport. However, so many do not know that Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with luxury accommodation, fun family activities and unforgettable experiences just waiting to be encountered! Let’s look at three of the top experiences that you can enjoy in Dubai, which should help you change your mind by staying on in this Emirate just a little bit longer the next time you are heading to or from a holiday break.

Eat at Le Petit Maison

jess1Time Out’s top restaurant of 2015, Le Petit Maison is a famous French Bistro with branches in London, Miami and Dubai. This restaurant is special. So special, in fact, that you have to order their signature dishes, the Poulet “La Petite Maison”, Contre Filet 1.5Kg et Galettes de Pommes de Terre and Carré d’Agneau (the chicken, fillet or rack of lamb) when you book a table (which should be weeks in advance). Local produce is the name of the game and healthy, fresh fish, chicken and meat are all on offer for your culinary indulgence. Described by tourists as the best meal of their stay, this is a restaurant not to miss out on.

See Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

jess2The tallest building in the world is situated in Dubai and the good news is that you can go and visit this tourist attraction and head up to a floor near the very top! Buy a ticket and step into the dark elevator and wait in anticipation. You will soon be taken on a ride of a lifetime as you speed to the top and experience Dubai from a birds eye view. The glass floors add to the dizzying effect, but the view of the Dubai skyline is one that is unbeaten. This self-guided tour explains the architecture and the building of this skyscraper through boards scattered throughout the building. Entertaining and educational, it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions of the area, and we can see why.

Sleep at Atlantis the Palm

guest_rooms_signature_suites_24_09_2014_9711extSituated on the stunning man-made island of the Palm, Atlantis the Palm is a beach resort like you’ve never experienced. Under water rooms and restaurants, buffets beyond your wildest dreams and a waterpark that has everything from zip lining to waterslides, dolphin encounters and shark safaris, there is everything you need at this luxurious hotel. There are over 23 restaurants alone in this establishment, rooms that spans over 925 square meters, various entertainment areas for young and old alike and shopping areas that will give even your credit card a headache. Regardless, if you are looking to splash out and live the Dubai high life, then this is the best beach resort in Dubai for you.

Dubai is like no other. A great melting pot of modern life mixed with traditional culture, there is no way you can simply pass through this city without stepping out of the airport and taking it all in.

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