5 Things To Do On A Lake District Weekend Break

lake district

It’s not surprising if you decide to make your getaway to Lake District for an unforgettable weekend. This popular holiday destination in the UK offers you a chance to stay in a comfortable yet spectacular Lake District cottages, hotels and rural campsites and enjoy the events nearby as well as other tourist attractions.

Whether you are looking to have a relaxing time, a romantic getaway or an activity break with friends and family, a weekend at Lake District will be perfect for you.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy on your weekend break while exploring the beauty of Lake District:

Take a Boat Tour

The boat tours will take you over the beautiful lakes of Lake District where you can enjoy a whole day on the water, go for a dinner cruise or a sailing expedition for a few hours. Glenridding Sailing Centre helps you explore the stunning waters of Ullswater where you will be provided with a range of activities or a chance to ride in a canoe.

Windermere Lake Cruises lets you enjoy a day of sailing and experiencing the beauty of one of the largest lakes of England or you can tour Derwentwater by going off on a jetty around the lake.

Go on a Hiking Trail

Lake District is a place which will offer you many hiking trails so that you can enjoy the countryside and all its magnificent views. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, here is your chance to going on a hiking trail and look over the stunning views of the lakes, valleys and mountains.

You can hike through Helvellyn, Buttermere and Coniston with brilliant attractions on the way. Don’t spend your vacation time locked in a Lake District cottage, instead go for a walk along the many famous trails present there with a guide to help you explore.

Visit the Muncaster Castle

If you are interested in historic artifacts, visit the early 13th century Muncaster Castle. Here you can view the large number of artifacts collected by the Pennington family while walking through the scenic state. It is a great chance to see an historical landmark and walk through the beautiful gardens.

Visit the Blackwell Arts And Crafts House

The Blackwell Arts and Crafts House is a beautiful house containing furniture and objects by leading arts and crafts designers and overlooks the famous lake, Windermere. If you are interested in art and a breathtaking view, this is the place to visit over the weekend.

Go To the Theatre by the Lake

There is also something for the music and drama lovers out there. Theatre by the Lake is one of the top theatres in the Lake District where you can enjoy dance, music, drama, talks, comedy and films. If you’re taking a break in the Lake District and love theatre and great scenery, then you have to make your way to this theatre or the others in the area to enjoy a great show over the weekend.

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4 Reasons To Visit Hilton Head

hilton head island

Hilton Head is a breathtaking, tropical-like island located in South Carolina just outside of Bluffton. The island stretches over 12 miles and is filled with numerous activities to participate in. Whether you wish to sink your toes into the sand or would like to enjoy an assortment of outdoor shopping centers, Hilton Head makes an awesome choice for your next vacation. I was lucky enough to be invited by my grand mother to join her on a business trip to Hilton Head where we stayed at a fabulously nice resort. Below you will find four activities to enjoy while visiting:


Hilton Head offers several miles of beachfront land to explore, offering easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the reasons why Hilton Head attracts so many to this intriguing destination. To enjoy the official beach season, each year visitors flock to the area between April 1st and September 30th. A few public accesses to the beach can be found off South Forest Beach Drive, off Coligny Circle, and at the end of Beach City Road.

Explore and Admire the Natural Beauty

The combination of sun, surf, and turf makes extremely inviting natural scenery that creates grassy dunes, lush forests, and tidal marshes. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings created by natures best. Hilton Head is considered a barrier island, which is comprised of a headland, beach, surf zone, and sand spit. This is the perfect mixture to provide a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Satisfying Sightseeing

When visiting Hilton Head, a trip to Harbour Town makes for a great sightseeing tour associated with the lap of luxury. This is where multi-million dollar yachts and homes are situated about various marinas. Famous celebrities have also bought into the land in Hilton Head, including singer-songwriter, John Mellencamp and former NBA star, Michael Jordan.

Wildlife Explorations

Hilton Head also serves as a haven for wildlife, so if you enjoy the company of animals, there will be plenty of opportunities to visit with the wild locals. Some of the residents include alligators, large water birds, deer, bobcats, mink, wild boars, the loggerhead turtle, and the bottle-nosed dolphin. To enjoy a guided nature tour and cruise, contact the Coastal Discovery Museum for excursions that visit points of nature interest, such as the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and the Audubon-Newhall Preserve.

7 Easy Ways To Beat Jet Lag

jetlagWhen you’re headed out on a vacation or business trip the last thing you need is to feel tired or run down. But with these seven tips to beat jet lag, youíre sure to stay alert and ready for your entire trip.

Keep it the same…

When you’re not traveling for long, you can usually avoid jet lag by sticking to your normal routine. Keep your watch set to your home time and just do what you’d normally do at home; eating, sleeping, exercise, etc.

Your body won’t even notice the time chance when you do this, and it will readjust without any problems on the way back.

Sleep like a baby…

When you’re traveling out of your normal time zone, you’ll want to try to keep to normal bedtimes. And while you might have troubles at first, try to get the same number of hours of sleep per night. This will help your body fall into a new rhythm for the time when you’re away.

Even if you can’t fall asleep right away, try to get into bed and close your eyes until you fall asleep. Eventually your body will pick up the clue and you’ll get all the sleep that you need.

Fill yourself up…

Many times jet lag can be made worse by becoming dehydrated on your trip or while you’re headed there on the plane. To combat this you’ll want to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluids as you travel, water and juices especially.

Alcohol can dehydrate the body so it should be avoided if you can. And if you’re expected to drink at a business function, just follow each glass with a chaser of water.

Find the rhythm…

When you’re headed into areas where the time will change significantly, you want to set your watch when you get there and start following the local hours. You’ll want to eat when you are supposed to eat, sleep when it’s dark, etc.

By changing the routine that you’re used to directly into the new hours, you can help to offset jet lag before it even starts. Follow your new daylight and darkness hours to adjust your circadian rhythms.

When you arrive…

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to do some form of exercise when you arrive at your destination. This can be as simple as a walk or a few calisthenics in your hotel room. Do a few jumping jacks to get your heart pumping or start touring the town.

When your body gets exercise, it can bank the extra energy and help you adapt to changing light conditions.

If you just can’t sleep…

When all else fails, you can try a sleeping pill to re-teach your body when to sleep. Normally this isn’t recommended, but when you’re on an extended trip or you have to switch time zones frequently, a sleeping pill can help to give you some rest in order to be alert during the day.

Natural cues…

And if the sleeping pill doesn’t appeal to you, you can try aromatherapy.

Find a good travel kits that includes oils that you can smell for energy as well as soothing oils for relaxation, like lavender.

With all of these tips, jet lag will no longer follow you on your next trip.

Sedona, Arizona: A Travel Adventure In Red Rock Format

Sedona AZUSA WEEKEND’s Annual Travel Report for 2003 heralds Sedona, Arizona, as one of the USA’s ten most beautiful places. It is a four-season adventure in beauty.

The community boasts a list of 102 things to do while in Sedona, and the list is not exaggerated. Some are free, some are pricey, but all are viable possibilities, accentuating this beautiful land.

You will meet lots of people in Sedona, from everywhere in the world, but itís not the shoving, hurry-hurry crowd (with the possible exception of the early morning or late evening commute of the friendly service population). More often it’s rubbing shoulders with others who hike and stroll and caravan endeavoring to capture their share of the beauty and peace surrounding the valley.

Here is a list of things I’d love to cross of my to do list in Sedona. What appeals to you?

ï Visit the Africa Wildlife Park
ï Golf at one of Sedonaís 18-hole Courses
ï Take a jeep tour
ï Photograph your aura
ï Hike to the bottom of Montezumaís Well
ï Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument
ï Visit Red Rock State Park, Fort Verde State Park and Jerome State Historical Park
ï Dine and take in the show at Blaziní M Ranch
ï Ride the Verde Canyon Train
ï Sketch the Red Rocks
ï Watch birds
ï Visit a vortex
ï Hike one of the 100 plus trails in the Coconino National Forest
ï Watch artists create masterpieces at local galleries
ï Picnic and spend the day at Slide Rock State Park
ï Take a scenic drive around the Verde Valley
ï Visit the Grand Canyon
ï Eat rattlesnake, buffalo burgers and cactus fries at local eateries
ï Tour Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village and more
ï Skydive in Sedona and see the Red Rocks from the sky
ï Play a round of tennis or miniature golf
ï Have a picnic at Posse Ground or Sunset Park
ï Skateboard at the Sedona Skate Park
ï Visit the Bird Sanctuary in Page Springs
ï Sample a prickly pear cactus drink
ï Experience a hot-air balloon
ï Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross
ï Photograph the sunset at the airport overlook
ï Take yoga
ï Experience Shakespeare at Tlaquepaque
ï Hike at Red Rock Crossing and Crescent Moon

Sedona is a choice for all. Family vacations here are truly jam-packed and memorable. Couples and singles find whatever they need and want at the moment.

Sedona is one of those Must see, must do American travel adventures.

Finding the Tastiest Breakfast in Colorado Springs

breakfast in colorado springsI am, hands down, a breakfast lover. I could eat breakfast any time of the day except for well, breakfast time. Who does that? Every time David and I venture out to a new city or a city we haven’t been to in a while we always try to find new and interesting places to eat. Yelp, is always to the rescue though I always read the comments to see how picky people are being in their reviews of the place. One morning while I was searching for breakfast in Colorado Springs, The King’s Chef Diner pulled up with really high ratings. Their logo and site seemed more like a stoner’s bad dream but they stated that they use all natural beef, eggs, etc. in their food which always peaks my interests so needless to say, this was going to be our breakfast for the morning.breakfast in colorado springs

We headed downtown and found the restaurant sitting on the corner and not looking too extremely busy yet. Though it was December and freezing so no one would opt to sit outside. We were seated and opened up the menu to see what it had to offer. Funny enough the menu was all related to kings, dragons, etc. which continued to remind me of a stoner’s type of place, lol. After browsing for a few minutes we finally made a decision on 3 different entrees. My son went with french toast, I went with the “Grump” and David chose the basics. I guess I was the only one feeling adventurous which usually isn’t the case.

breakfast in colorado springsOnce our food came and I dove into that warm mound of deliciousness I was sold. The Grump, the french toast, even the basics were the tastiest breakfast in Colorado Springs that we had found. The only downside to the diner was that they only accepted cash but regardless, the King’s Chef Diner will now be a must have for every trip to or near Colorado Springs. I have since bought ingredients and replicated the breakfast at home several times. Not nearly as good but still damn delicious.

Sending Postcards Is Back!

digital postcards

Something I’ve always loved the idea of is getting postcards in the mail. You see it in movies all the time and I’ve always bought postcards everywhere I’ve visited. There is just something more personal about them than being tagged in a picture on social media.

Things are so different now! I’m more likely to send a quick text or post something silly on Facebook than to search through stores for postcards for everyone which just isn’t the same. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Lettr.

Lettr is being called “the postcard of the 21st century.” It lets you stay in touch with your loved ones when you’re traveling the old fashioned way – but with a modern twist. Instead of buying a postcard and sending it through snail mail, all you need is your smart phone or a laptop. Take a picture, write a personalized message, sign, and send. Another benefit is that everyone will get your postcard in just a few days instead of possible weeks.  You don’t even need to write down any addresses before you leave home. You can connect Lettr to your social media accounts and they’ll handle the rest.

I absolutely love this idea! I also think it’s great that each postcard can be unique and personal. That’s right, you can send a different card to each person or send the same one to everyone. It’s totally up to you! By using your own pictures, adding your signature, and creating a customized message, you have plenty of room to get creative. Plus, it’s kind of cool that the postcard will show which city and country it was sent from.

Are you planning on taking a trip anytime soon? If so, I’ve got a giveaway for all you readers! The first 10 people to click on this link will be able to send their first postcard free. That’s right so check them out now and start sending your postcards!

Operation Cross Country Road Trip

cross country road tripIn about a week or so David, Little E, my shih tzu, and I will be heading on a cross country road trip. This is my second time driving from coast to coast so I’m excited but David is taking some convincing. He can’t fathom sitting in a car for that many hours but I am stoked pregnant or not to head out across the country again. We plan on hitting all of the southern states first then all of the midwest on the way back. We are also buying a dash mount for my GoPro so that we can record our whole journey. It will definitely be filled with lots of adventures along the way! Have you ever driven cross country? What was your favorite part? Which part did you hate the most?

The Wonderland House

I happened to browsing the internet like I always do and stumbled upon a hotel call the Wonderland House. Um, how have I never heard of this place?! An Alice in Wonderland themed hotel sounds like one of the coolest hotels that I need to add to my bucket list. Though buying Alice’s real house would be pretty cool too. Nevermind me though, take a look for yourself. Every room is themed to go with the story. If I’m ever in that area the Wonderland House is a definite stay for me!

wonderland house wonderland house wonderland house wonderland house wonderland house wonderland house wonderland housewonderland house wonderland house

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

As a pretty big fan of zoos and an even bigger fan of animals I have managed to check out zoos in many states. There’s just something about seeing wild animals safely and so closely. No, its not their natural habitat unfortunately but its as good as you can get here in the United States. I feel like we have very little wild animals left living here.

Though San Diego’s zoo is still on my list, I do have a pretty awesome zoo in Arizona that I enjoy on a fairly regular basis and that’s the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield. It runs about $30 per adult and $12 for a child though you can normally find coupons to reduce the rate. Not only that, the zoo is not only a zoo but also an aquarium so you get more bang for your buck. The zoo also has a log ride, air lift, train ride, petting zoo, playground, and a rather bomb restaurant.

Here is a variety of shots I’ve collected over the last 2-3 visits:

world wild life zoo phoenixworld wild life aquarium phoenix world wild life zoo phoenix world wild life zoo phoenix world wild life aquarium phoenix world wild life zoo phoenix world wild life zoo phoenix world wild life zoo phoenix

world wild life zoo phoenix

and last but not least a sloth, my favorite animal in the world! <3 What’s the best zoo you’ve ever been to? Were they humane?