Bucket List

1. Feed the monkeys at monkey beach in thailand

2. own a vw bus

3. complete 23 runs in a year

4. start a new blog

5. Complete Insanity from start to finish

6. Publish a book

7. Travel out of the country

8. Move back to Hawaii

9. Compete on a game show

10. Pick Italian back up/learn it all over again

11. Read 30 books in a year

12. Volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuary

13. Take one photo a day for one year

14. Finish visiting all the states in the US

15. Go bungee jumping

16. Go on a cruise

17. Take ballroom classes and learn one fairly well

18. Visit all 7 continents

19. See the Northern Lights

20. Dive in Mayan underwater caves in Mexico…even if its scares the piss out of me

21. Swim with sharks

22. See the Grand Canyon

23. Float in the Dead Sea

24. See Niagara Falls

25. Sky Dive

26. Take a hot air balloon ride

27. See a sunrise at Taj Mahal

28. Go grape picking at harvest and attempt to make my own wine

29. Ride a camel

30. Go on a safari..like lions and zebras eating each other safari

31. Drive from east to west coast at least one more time

32. Have sushi in Japan and see if it can change my feelings towards sushi

33. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

34. Walk the Great Wall of China

35. Visit Bali…eventually

36. Go white water rafting

37. Pursue one of my many passions

38. Make friends with 5 strangers on the street

39. Start and complete my photography project on the elderly

40. Throw a mega party…like fires, police, and cars in the pool kind of party just not at my place

41. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the first plane leaving

42. Go snorkeling

43. Help someone in need

One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Tasha | Turf to Surf

    Hi Jess! This is quite a list you have here. I couldn’t help but notice #35 – I have completely fallen in LOVE with Bali, and that means you may just have many future opportunities to come check it out while I’m here. We are heading out to Thailand in a few weeks, but I swear I want to move back to Bali one day and raise little babies in yoga pants. When I do, I will wave you on over :-)


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