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Best Diving Locations In Australia

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Jeska is a twenty something mother of one tiny human, lover of hawaii, a tad bit of a runner, one with the ocean, and last but not least a hopeless wanderer.
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Millions of tourists flock to Australia every year and it’s not hard to see why. From the warm weather and stunning beaches to vibrant cities and awesome natural landscapes, it’s a dream destination for many travellers. It’s also great for scuba diving, boasting some of the most incredible diving locations in the world.

Australia is home to the famous Great Barrier Reef, which has been attracting divers for many years. Whether you’ve done it before or you’re a complete beginner, there’s no better place to explore the ocean than Australia. Here are some of our favourite diving destinations.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island in New South Wales is one of the most southerly diving spots in Australia. It’s located at the meeting point of five ocean currents, meaning that it’s a place brimming with oceanic diversity.

You’ll find temperate, sub-tropical and tropical fish all in one place – and there are over 500 species here for you to discover! It boasts 60 diving sites, including Balls Pyramid, where you can swim with dolphins in their natural environment.

Neptune Islands

Another great diving location is the Neptune Islands. Found just off of the coast of South Australia, these islands are famed for their great white sharks. Beginners can get up close and personal with these beasts of the sea from a cage; but it’s a different story if you’re a trained diver.

You’ll be able to dive all the way to the ocean floor and take in the scenery from a completely different angle. Don’t worry about the sharks feeling a bit peckish, you’re going to be well looked after and completely safe!

Ningaloo Reef

The state of Western Australia is home to the Ningaloo Reef. This stunning 300km long reef is the largest reef in the world that is found so close to a main land mass – so it’s easy to get to. There are hundreds of species of coral to be found here, with even more different species of fish.

Manta rays, turtles and sharks all call this reef home, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re keen to spot some of the local marine life.

Tasman Peninsula

One of our favourite things to do is dive around Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula. Here you’ll be able to find giant kelp forests that stretch down to the deepest parts of the water, awe-inspiring caves at Waterfall Bay and even spot some cute sea creatures! Yes, this is the perfect place for seal spotting; with both New Zealand and Australian fur seals to be found. The waters are pretty cool, so we recommend diving here between November and March.

Dive in to all that Australia has to offer

So there you have it, our top picks of all the diving sites that Australia has to offer. Of course, there are so many more out there, so why not discover them for yourself?

Diving offers you the chance to see our planet from a completely different perspective, taking in sights and sounds that you just don’t get on land. Whether you go for one of our favourites or discover another magical location, we can guarantee that you’ll want to do it time and time again!

Jeffrey Glenn is the Founder of one of Thailand’s most sort after professional Dive Training Resorts – Go Pro Asia. Jeffrey is a PADI Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and has over 20 years’ experience in the dive industry.

The Worlds of Las Vegas

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Jeska is a twenty something mother of one tiny human, lover of hawaii, a tad bit of a runner, one with the ocean, and last but not least a hopeless wanderer.
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Las Vegas is known for its vast array of casinos, strip clubs, and shows but when you visit Vegas on a short time frame it changes things up a bit. We headed up to Vegas to run in the Spartan Super Race and to enjoy the strip afterwards. Sadly, little did we realize that our poor feet would end up in huge blisters that pretty much wanted us to avoid walking at all costs.

Since we didn’t bring our 5 year old with us and our feet were on fire, we decided to check out Hershey’s Chocolate World to grab him a little gift to let him know that he was thought of. As we were headed that way I found out that Las Vegas actually has 3 worlds, Hershey’s, M&M’s, and Coke so I decided that we should check out all three.
hershey's world3hershey's world1hershey's world2

hershey's world4Hershey’s Chocolate World has entrances inside the New York Hotel as well as from the street. When we walked in there was a bakery in the center of the floor filled with delicious Hershey treats. I wanted a taste of everything! The bottom floor was dedicated to mostly chocolate and the next floors was to more chewy/gummy candies like twizzlers. I would say the gifts were moderately priced but they sadly didn’t have much to offer for kids. We luckily found a Hershey lego race car for Little E and made our way to the next world.
m&ms world1

M&M’s World was probably the best world of them all. As soon as you walked in you were great with the vast array of M&M’s colors. Every floor had a different type of gift and something different to offer. There was a section to make your own customized M&M’s, a movie theater, a race car, and lots more! There were gifts of all colors and ages especially kids. I had an option to grab something for my 5 years and 4 month old there.

m&ms world2

Lastly we headed to Coke world which was probably the most disappointing of them all. They offered lots of Coke product gear and a small wall of the different Coke options. On the second floor they had a cafe that offered Coke flights for you to try all the different sodas. I will say that is pretty clever and a neat attraction. Other than that, it was all it had to offer.

coke entrancecoke world

Overall, the Worlds of Las Vegas were mostly not that enjoyable other than M&M’s world. It was neat to get to see the products and what they had to offer but not something I’d recommend others to visit.

Have you ever visited the Worlds of Las Vegas? What were your thoughts on them?

5 Things To Do On A Lake District Weekend Break

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Jeska is a twenty something mother of one tiny human, lover of hawaii, a tad bit of a runner, one with the ocean, and last but not least a hopeless wanderer.
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lake district

It’s not surprising if you decide to make your getaway to Lake District for an unforgettable weekend. This popular holiday destination in the UK offers you a chance to stay in a comfortable yet spectacular Lake District cottages, hotels and rural campsites and enjoy the events nearby as well as other tourist attractions.

Whether you are looking to have a relaxing time, a romantic getaway or an activity break with friends and family, a weekend at Lake District will be perfect for you.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy on your weekend break while exploring the beauty of Lake District:

Take a Boat Tour

The boat tours will take you over the beautiful lakes of Lake District where you can enjoy a whole day on the water, go for a dinner cruise or a sailing expedition for a few hours. Glenridding Sailing Centre helps you explore the stunning waters of Ullswater where you will be provided with a range of activities or a chance to ride in a canoe.

Windermere Lake Cruises lets you enjoy a day of sailing and experiencing the beauty of one of the largest lakes of England or you can tour Derwentwater by going off on a jetty around the lake.

Go on a Hiking Trail

Lake District is a place which will offer you many hiking trails so that you can enjoy the countryside and all its magnificent views. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, here is your chance to going on a hiking trail and look over the stunning views of the lakes, valleys and mountains.

You can hike through Helvellyn, Buttermere and Coniston with brilliant attractions on the way. Don’t spend your vacation time locked in a Lake District cottage, instead go for a walk along the many famous trails present there with a guide to help you explore.

Visit the Muncaster Castle

If you are interested in historic artifacts, visit the early 13th century Muncaster Castle. Here you can view the large number of artifacts collected by the Pennington family while walking through the scenic state. It is a great chance to see an historical landmark and walk through the beautiful gardens.

Visit the Blackwell Arts And Crafts House

The Blackwell Arts and Crafts House is a beautiful house containing furniture and objects by leading arts and crafts designers and overlooks the famous lake, Windermere. If you are interested in art and a breathtaking view, this is the place to visit over the weekend.

Go To the Theatre by the Lake

There is also something for the music and drama lovers out there. Theatre by the Lake is one of the top theatres in the Lake District where you can enjoy dance, music, drama, talks, comedy and films. If you’re taking a break in the Lake District and love theatre and great scenery, then you have to make your way to this theatre or the others in the area to enjoy a great show over the weekend.

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