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Sedona, Arizona: A Travel Adventure In Red Rock Format

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Sedona AZUSA WEEKEND’s Annual Travel Report for 2003 heralds Sedona, Arizona, as one of the USA’s ten most beautiful places. It is a four-season adventure in beauty.

The community boasts a list of 102 things to do while in Sedona, and the list is not exaggerated. Some are free, some are pricey, but all are viable possibilities, accentuating this beautiful land.

You will meet lots of people in Sedona, from everywhere in the world, but itís not the shoving, hurry-hurry crowd (with the possible exception of the early morning or late evening commute of the friendly service population). More often it’s rubbing shoulders with others who hike and stroll and caravan endeavoring to capture their share of the beauty and peace surrounding the valley.

Here is a list of things I’d love to cross of my to do list in Sedona. What appeals to you?

ï Visit the Africa Wildlife Park
ï Golf at one of Sedonaís 18-hole Courses
ï Take a jeep tour
ï Photograph your aura
ï Hike to the bottom of Montezumaís Well
ï Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument
ï Visit Red Rock State Park, Fort Verde State Park and Jerome State Historical Park
ï Dine and take in the show at Blaziní M Ranch
ï Ride the Verde Canyon Train
ï Sketch the Red Rocks
ï Watch birds
ï Visit a vortex
ï Hike one of the 100 plus trails in the Coconino National Forest
ï Watch artists create masterpieces at local galleries
ï Picnic and spend the day at Slide Rock State Park
ï Take a scenic drive around the Verde Valley
ï Visit the Grand Canyon
ï Eat rattlesnake, buffalo burgers and cactus fries at local eateries
ï Tour Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village and more
ï Skydive in Sedona and see the Red Rocks from the sky
ï Play a round of tennis or miniature golf
ï Have a picnic at Posse Ground or Sunset Park
ï Skateboard at the Sedona Skate Park
ï Visit the Bird Sanctuary in Page Springs
ï Sample a prickly pear cactus drink
ï Experience a hot-air balloon
ï Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross
ï Photograph the sunset at the airport overlook
ï Take yoga
ï Experience Shakespeare at Tlaquepaque
ï Hike at Red Rock Crossing and Crescent Moon

Sedona is a choice for all. Family vacations here are truly jam-packed and memorable. Couples and singles find whatever they need and want at the moment.

Sedona is one of those Must see, must do American travel adventures.